Teen Advisory Group

Burlington Public Library is starting a teen advisory group!

We’re so excited to meet with teens and get ideas and input on programs, social media, the teen space and more.

Below you will find some basic information about the teen advisory group, but more info is on its way, including an application. 

The first meeting is October 4th.  I hope to see you then!





What the teen advisory group does…

  • Plans, develops, and promotes teen library programs
  • Recommends books, movies, and magazines for the library’s teen collection
  • Explores opportunities for charitable and volunteer work
  • Help creates and review teen promotional materials and social media, including flyers, blogs, Facebook, and Youtube. 


Who can join the teen advisory group…

  • Teens in 8th grade and up who can offer a solid commitment and who are interested in generating ideas to make the library a welcoming, empowering, and enriching place for teens.


Why join the teen advisory group…

  • You earn volunteer credit while attending meetings, and while helping out with programs and promotions.
  • You will gain leadership skills and experiences applicable to future jobs and activities.
  • Your volunteer time will be a great addition to your college application.
  • You’ll have fun and make new friends. 


When does the teen advisory group meet…

  • October 4th 3-4 pm
  • November 8th 3-4 pm
  • December 6th 3-4 pm


How to join the teen advisory group….

  • Fill out a teen advisory group application (available at the library).



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