Following the Leaders…

Here are the updated point totals for this week!

Game Name Reading points Activity Points TOTAL
Doug Style 120 520 640
xxxTechiexxx 1650 20 1670
Gnoxious 0 20 20
MLaursen 1810 1050 2860
KendallVZ 1285 220 1505
*DNZ* 1315 20 1335
K_Ortiz(: 0 20 20
SuperSenior 0 20 20
Sunny Sea 1310 750 2060
Flaca 0 20 20
L4Ortiz 0 20 20
MACOML 0 20 20
Terminator 410 20 430
MIIL 0 520 520
Sunny Side 0 20 20
Feskamy 0 20 20
Rexycj 0 20 20
Candy143 0 20 20
AGEgotswag 0 20 20
Keviannelle 0 20 20
TheEndofTime 0 20 20
*duplicategamename 0 20 20
AKBallin’ 0 20 20
TrickseyHobbites 0 20 20
Taggy55 0 20 20
Scole 0 20 20
KoolBri 0 20 20
MaizeyMae 0 20 20
Madame Red 1400 20 1420
* 0 20 20
McLemore 0 0 0

Did you know you can earn 100 points for creating your own image related to our Beneath the Surface Reading theme?  Gamer KendallVZ did this week!  Check out their entry:

An underwater library!

An underwater library!

Summer Reading Is Here!


The summer reading program is officially underway. We have a few great events coming up and we have a reading program that will earn you rewards!  So come into the library today to pick up your summer reading log.

Summer Reading
*Track your reading by crossing out 10 minute chunks on your summer reading log (available at the library)*

*Remember that any reading counts.  If you read blogs, text messages, books, magazines, emails… it all counts.*

*Read for 400 minutes and you get a half-way prize, which you can claim starting July 5th.  You also get entered into a drawing for an IPOD NANO!*

*Read for 800 minutes and you’ll get a book of your choosing, which you can pick up after July 30th.  You also get entered a second time into the IPOD NANO drawing.*

Upcoming Summer Events
*Drumming with Ray Soriano – – Wednesday, July 6th 5-6 pm*

Come to the library for a hands-on drumming workshop with musician and teacher Ray Soriano.  You’ll have your choice of about 30 hand drums to beat, slap, smack, and pound.  Join us, and let loose your inner percussion star!

YouTube video of August 2009 workshop

*Intro Robotics Workshop* – – July 11th, 13th, 18th, 20th 2-4 pm

You are invited to an intro-level robotics workshop at the library!  This workshop will be involve four sessions over two weeks.  It will go something like this… build a Lego Mindstorms robot, program your robot to do something cool like fetch you a bag of chips, and finally, enter your robot in a competition.  The top robots of each category will earn your team prizes and bragging rights.
To register email Teen Librarian Sarah Lunde:

*Belly Dancing with Assent* – – Tuesday, July 19th 2-4 pm

Come dressed in your comfy clothes and get ready to shake it.  This class will introduce you to some belly dancing basics and inspire self-expression using a powerful artistic medium.

See you there!

Perfect Chemistry: Too Perfect or Just Right?

I saw the book cover and shuddered at the perfect couple in the perfect embrace. Puulease! But after I recovered from my initial repulsion to the cover, I did the unthinkable. I picked it up, flipped it over, and read the summary. Yep, I actually gave it a chance. That’s when I realized that it actually sounded like it might be a good read and that I’d have to give it a try. So glad I did ’cause it was a great modern twist on the classic star-crossed lovers’ tale.

What was the recipe for success? Equal parts rich, popular, beautiful girl named Brittany (what else?!) cooked at a low simmer with sexy, bad-boy Alex who knows that most females can not resist his sultry charm.

The spice in this story comes from the fact that both of these two soon-to-be lovebirds both harbor dark secrets behind their masks of perfection. Brittany goes to school each day all the while trying to hide her less than perfect home life that includes  parents who don’t get along and her mentally disabled sister that she lovingly cares for. Then there’s Alex Fuentes who’s from the South side of town, running from rumors of drug abuse, and gang violence, when in reality he’s desperately trying to protect his younger brother from these very real threats. Once this is established, the couple are partnered up in class which results in an immediate clash.

It’s only after Alex takes a bet to get Brittany to fall for him, that he actually does ends up falling for her. Now we have the couple who, moments ago couldn’t stand the sight of one another. The result is a couple who can’t stop staring into each others eyes. Capitalizing on this attraction, the author, Simone Elkeles, takes the reader on an emotional and bumpy ride, breaking stereotypes left and right. Elkeles also alternates chapters between the perspective of Brittany and Alex, giving the reader a glimpse into each character throughout the story, which is a nice technique and kept me caring about these two. So, buckle up and hang on for a ride full of sexual tension and sarcastic banter. You’ll know it’s true love and that this book is perfect!

Check out Elkeles’ website for more about her writing and book trailers by clicking here.Still not enough for you? Check this song out. She’s a big-time talented fan who created this song about Perfect Chemistry packed with teenage angst!

Easy Money

Calling all teens!  Create a video promoting summer reading at your library and you could win $250!  The best short Public Service Announcement, using the theme “You Are Here,” produced by a Washington student or group of students that encourages use of their local public libraries and promotes reading all summer long will take away the contest prize.

The top video will be featured throughout 2011 as the official commercial for Washington’s Summer Reading Program.  Completed forms are due by March 7, 2011.  For more information, go to 2011 Teen Video Challenge .

If you need a little help uploading a video to youtube, check this out!

Summer Reading


Visit your local library as soon as possible to get signed up for summer reading. Why you ask? Well, the library is the place to be this summer. Lot’s of fun activities, great books, and lots of prizes! Burlington Public Library is offering fantastic prizes like a body board, a HUGE inner-tube flotilla, movie passes, pizza, of course, books, and much, much more!! Check it out and Make Waves this summer…Read!

unCOMMONly Fun!

Fantastic library events don’t always take place at the library. Sometimes they occur outside of the confines of shushing librarians and shelf after shelf of books. Recently the Mt. Vernon City Library met at Common Grounds for a poetry/open-mic night.

Alberta (Teen services extraordinaire) was keeping things going when she got up front and started everyone off with a mind blowing poem. After that, everyone had to get up there to read. The evening ended with lot’s of poetry and music, both vocal and instrumental. It was really quite lovely. So, keep your eyes peeled for events happening in and out of your library this summer!

Upcoming events outside of the library include:

  • National ‘Go Skateboarding Day’ at the Burlington Skate Park on Monday, June 21. Summer reading sign-ups from 3-5 PM with free cold beverages.
  • Drumming Workshop with Ray Soriano @ Common Ground on Wednesday, July 28 from 7-8 PM.
  • Day-Glo Xtreme Beach Games @ Skagit Playfields (down by the horseshoes) on Wednesday, July 28 from 8:30-10 PM.
  • Everett Aqua Sox Game on Sunday, August 8, 2:05 PM.

Get out there, enjoy your library, and READ!!

The Big Question

Summer reading at our library is just around the corner. There are prizes and free books to be had by all but the big question is, will you do it? Will you read books this summer? Will you participate in a reading program at your library? Will you attend summer reading teen events? I’m hoping the answer is yes, yes, and yes.

If you’re REALLY motivated and you’re preparing to go to college you might want to consider reading some of these fantastic books from our list of “Outstanding Books for the College Bound”. Who knows, you might even enjoy it! So, Make Waves and Read!

It’s Finally Here!

Our teen book selector has been busy and has just obtained Front and Center, the third and final book in the Dairy Queen series. Along with Jellicoe Road, we’ve got great new books in the teen department. Come check them out!

Front and Center starts off with “Wisconsin junior D.J. Schwenk back at school, having spent several weeks away helping big brother, Win, with his rehabilitation. She’s catching up with classes and best friend Amber (also newly returned). D.J.’s excited and nervous for basketball season, which might score her a much-desired college scholarship and a less-desired position literally calling the shots on court. Her ex, Brian, is neither out of sight nor off her mind. But reluctantly famous D.J., who generally craves anonymity, wants a boyfriend who acknowledges her in public. Enter energetic friend Beaner, an attention magnet interested in actual dating. When recruitment letters pour in, talented athlete D.J. feels the weight of obligations and expectations (yet again) from well-meaning family, friends, recruiters, coaches, and from herself. Will she be ruled by fear or will she step up and make the choices, whether between colleges or guys, that’ll make her happiest?” – School Library Journal 

In Jellicoe Road, Taylor Markham is not just the new girl at her boarding school, she’s also the heir to the Underground Community, one of three battling school groups in her small Australian town. For a generation, these three groups have fought “the territory wars,” a serious negotiation of land and property full of surprise attacks, diplomatic immunities, and physical violence. Only this year, it’s complicated: Taylor might just have a thing for Cadet leader Jonah, and Jonah might just be the key to unlocking the secret identity of Taylor’s mother, who abandoned her when she was 11. With a lot going on in front and behind the scenes the reader is rewarded with heartbreaking twists.

Got Computers?

Don’t have a computer? No worries! Burlington Public Library has what you need. We have 15 internet ready computers, in addition to three computers set aside strictly for your word processing needs. We do require a parent signature for teens under 18 years of age to access our unfiltered computers.

Check out the video of the kid who made the Apple store his own personal recording studio!

apple - free computer

black eyed peas boom boom pow

apple - make your music

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