Summer Reading Is Here!


The summer reading program is officially underway. We have a few great events coming up and we have a reading program that will earn you rewards!  So come into the library today to pick up your summer reading log.

Summer Reading
*Track your reading by crossing out 10 minute chunks on your summer reading log (available at the library)*

*Remember that any reading counts.  If you read blogs, text messages, books, magazines, emails… it all counts.*

*Read for 400 minutes and you get a half-way prize, which you can claim starting July 5th.  You also get entered into a drawing for an IPOD NANO!*

*Read for 800 minutes and you’ll get a book of your choosing, which you can pick up after July 30th.  You also get entered a second time into the IPOD NANO drawing.*

Upcoming Summer Events
*Drumming with Ray Soriano – – Wednesday, July 6th 5-6 pm*

Come to the library for a hands-on drumming workshop with musician and teacher Ray Soriano.  You’ll have your choice of about 30 hand drums to beat, slap, smack, and pound.  Join us, and let loose your inner percussion star!

YouTube video of August 2009 workshop

*Intro Robotics Workshop* – – July 11th, 13th, 18th, 20th 2-4 pm

You are invited to an intro-level robotics workshop at the library!  This workshop will be involve four sessions over two weeks.  It will go something like this… build a Lego Mindstorms robot, program your robot to do something cool like fetch you a bag of chips, and finally, enter your robot in a competition.  The top robots of each category will earn your team prizes and bragging rights.
To register email Teen Librarian Sarah Lunde:

*Belly Dancing with Assent* – – Tuesday, July 19th 2-4 pm

Come dressed in your comfy clothes and get ready to shake it.  This class will introduce you to some belly dancing basics and inspire self-expression using a powerful artistic medium.

See you there!

Summer Reading


Visit your local library as soon as possible to get signed up for summer reading. Why you ask? Well, the library is the place to be this summer. Lot’s of fun activities, great books, and lots of prizes! Burlington Public Library is offering fantastic prizes like a body board, a HUGE inner-tube flotilla, movie passes, pizza, of course, books, and much, much more!! Check it out and Make Waves this summer…Read!

unCOMMONly Fun!

Fantastic library events don’t always take place at the library. Sometimes they occur outside of the confines of shushing librarians and shelf after shelf of books. Recently the Mt. Vernon City Library met at Common Grounds for a poetry/open-mic night.

Alberta (Teen services extraordinaire) was keeping things going when she got up front and started everyone off with a mind blowing poem. After that, everyone had to get up there to read. The evening ended with lot’s of poetry and music, both vocal and instrumental. It was really quite lovely. So, keep your eyes peeled for events happening in and out of your library this summer!

Upcoming events outside of the library include:

  • National ‘Go Skateboarding Day’ at the Burlington Skate Park on Monday, June 21. Summer reading sign-ups from 3-5 PM with free cold beverages.
  • Drumming Workshop with Ray Soriano @ Common Ground on Wednesday, July 28 from 7-8 PM.
  • Day-Glo Xtreme Beach Games @ Skagit Playfields (down by the horseshoes) on Wednesday, July 28 from 8:30-10 PM.
  • Everett Aqua Sox Game on Sunday, August 8, 2:05 PM.

Get out there, enjoy your library, and READ!!

Free Skateboards @ BPL!

skateboardWell, you don’t have to pay but the Friends of the Library have purchased blank skate decks for the teen program, “Paint Your Own Skateboard”.

The event will take place at the Burlington Public Library on Thursday, August 13 from 5-7 PM. We provide the decks, the brushes, and the paint. All you need to bring is an idea for a great graphic! Call today at 360-755-0760, there are only a few spots left. In addition to receiving a free deck, all attendees will vote for their favorite design. The winner will receive a complete skateboard from Hidden Wave Board Shop. It doesn’t get better than that!

hiddenwave boardshop

Magic Hands

Whether it’s paint or the shapes you can make, your hands can create all kinds of magic!

Here’s a fun storybook at the Burlington Library that has a great shadow play inside. Share it with a little one and make them smile…


Where’s Waldo?

Where’s Waldo might be the question you think of first when looking at these pictures but China’s scorching heat wave recently, with temperatures near triple digits, have sent people rushing to the beach. Here are some photos of people cooling off at Chinese beaches as they try to find relief.

For us, this type of crowding is not a problem but we do only have 42 days until school starts, so get out there, grab a good book, some sunscreen and enjoy!




China Summer Heat



Here are a few guarenteed good reads for the beach:


All Decked Out

Whether you skateboard or snowboard, you undoubtedly have a favorite board. Part of the reason for your love of that board has got to do, at least a little bit or a lot, with the graphic design. Take a look at the upcoming events calendar where we will be discussing Sean Cliver’s book, Disposable on July 30 from 5-7 PM at the Burlington Library. Priority will be given to those in attendance for the Paint Your Own Skateboard Deck on August 13, so plan on joining us for both.

In the meantime, check out these photos of some great graphics at a show called “Decked Out” and another new book on skateboard graphics.decked out


8 Deadly Words

Local author, Alma Alexander shared that among science fiction authors, there are Eight Deadly Words; “I don’t care what happens to those people“. These words indicate the failure to engage the reader through a lack of intersting characters. Alma then shared different stories from her personal experience of having lived in Africa and going to school in England at a recent teen fantasy writer’s workshop at the Burlington Library. She recommended that writers not get hung up on the reality of objects when writing because they can be whatever you’d like them to be.

teen writing workshop 002

                                      Participants from Teen Fantasy Writing Workshop July 2009 @ BPL

She brought all of the participants a notebook with the ABC’s of Writing that gave helpful hints for writing. One participant explained his theory of writing fantasy by saying, “Fantasy is about taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary.” Alma agreed whole-heartedly. She said, “You’re exactly right, by changing the familiar into the unfamiliar allows you to go into a mind that’s not your own and play a what-if game.” 



She shared that her Worldweaver trilogy was inspired by a 2002 Young Adult Literature panel discussion in which someone brought up Harry Potter and the lack of adventure for any of the female characters. From that point on in the discussion she does not remember a single word, as she began mentally writing Worldweavers. Alma ended the workshop by saying, “Writing fantasy is the art of aiming for a goal and taking a sharp right turn.”


Check out Alma’s trilogy at the Burlington Library today!

Do You Have Randomnimity?

Randomnimity: Being random is saying things out of the blue usually completely out of any context to what any conversation you were having was about. Those who are random are referred to as having randomnimity. (Definition taken from

random mo urban

The Burlington Library’s Teen Random Discussion Group met for their first ever discussion on Thursday, June 25 approximately 3 hours after Michael Jackson, King of Pop, was declared dead. Coincidence? That is for you to decide but for the group who met, it seemed especially random! For books on Michael Jackson at our library just click here.


Do you believe that life is just a compialation of completely random events or that there is more than just chance involved? Well, check out this video if you’ve not made up your mind yet and then you can mark your calendar for our next Random Discussion Group on Thursday, July 16 from 5:07 – 6:39 PM.