NaNoWriMo Teen Corkboard Shared Novel



Okay… Here goes… The teen novel crafted by many hands over the month of November.


The HOOONK of a car horn launched me out of my seat.  Okay, okay, I thought, regaining my composure as I stepped on the gas.  So what had I been daydreaming about?  I had a lot going on.  School, friends, stuff happens.  But since I’m on my way to the hospital, I thought, compose yourself.  Ed wouldn’t benefit from seeing me like this.  I pictured his ginger hair, his blue eyes, his freckles.  Just last week, everything was fine.  We were spending as much time as possible together.  Now there he was laying in the hospital bed.  I felt helpless, not being able to do anything.  I walked over to his bedside table and took a live petal from the plant.  his mother had probably already been by.


I’m an orphan.  I had an orphan buddy, but we was really my brother.  I want him to change for he has been the same for 9 years.  Anyway, brothers are fleas or leeches.  Although sometimes, it can be very rewarding to…


Why do we run from the truth?  Maybe because once we accept it, you can never unaccept it.  Maybe that’s why life is so hard.  Because all we do is run from the truth.  


I went to Sherman Holmes Elementary School in Washington.  Most people called me a freak.  I didn’t say much to stop the incessant bullying treatment I was given.  I just bent my head and took the blows inflicted upon me.  Of course I didn’t say anything.  No one says anything.  No one wants to help you. It’s almost like the world is a secret.  But let’s not get into that depressing stuff…

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