The Game is Afoot!

It’s June 18th and the Summer Reading Game is officially going strong!  
Well, at least it sort of is.  I have a lot of people signed up with usernames and such, but so far only one person has brought their weekly log in to redeem their points and I’ve only received one email for any of the activities.  But it’s Tuesday and the last day of school today, so hopefully more people will come by and get themselves some points!  

The leaderboard so far is as follows:

Doug Style 0 0 0
xxxTechiexxx 0 0 0
Gnoxious 0 0 0
MLaursen 620 550 1170
KendallVZ 0 100 100
*DNZ* 0 0 0
K_Ortiz(: 0 0 0
SuperSenior 0 0 0
Sunny Sea 0 0 0
Flaca 0 0 0
L4Ortiz 0 0 0
MACOML 0 0 0
TheEndofTime 0 0 0
* 0 0 0
AKBallin’ 0 0 0
TrickseyHobbites 0 0 0

So yeah, let’s see those reading logs, people, and get this competition going!  

(Also, it’s worth noting here, you can totally turn reading logs in and do activities for past weeks and still earn the points.)


3 thoughts on “The Game is Afoot!

  1. Sorry!! My computer wouldn’t let me post my wordle as a picture, so it made me give you a URL! It said that this is the URL, but if it’s no tell me, and I’ll try this again 😦

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