The Summer Reading Game is Afoot!

Welcome to Summer!  

Well, almost.  Chances are it doesn’t really *feel* like Summer to you until school ends next week.  But still… it’s SO CLOSE!  

In the meantime, try not to freak out waiting for classes to end.  Even though this is all I’m sure you’ll want to do:


But, here at the Burlington Library, today marks the start of our Summer Reading Game where the teens of Burlington will get to earn points by reading (of course), completing various online tech activities, and coming to the awesome slew of events that we’ve got scheduled for this Summer including a Zombie Survival Scavenger Hunt and a Hunger-Games-Style water fight in Maiben park.  

No seriously, you’re going to earn Game Points by coming to a park and slaughtering your friends with water balloons. And for going through a maze full of zombies. And those points can result in prizes like ice cream or pizza or even in one of our grand prizes: a Google Nexus Tablet or a Sony Bloggie videocamera.  
Do I really need to twist your arm to get you to join us here? 



One thought on “The Summer Reading Game is Afoot!

  1. The summer reading game is so amazing!! I read a lot in the summer, and now, I get cool prizes for doing it!! I’d recommend this program to any teen who likes to read (even just a little :p.) The activities that they have are also great. I just made a cupcake with a fake finger on it last night @ the library!

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