Which Came First?

The movie or the book? Ahhh, that age old question and it’s for you to decide whether you will see the movie first, read the book, or both. My preference, of course, is to read the book before enjoying the film.

For the longest time I avoided reading the Twilight series. Finally, caving to societal pressures, I picked up the library’s well worn copy, and dove in. I finished it not within days but within hours. I was enthralled with and not yet annoyed by Bella’s odd interactions with other humans. That would come later with the movie where this was captured perfectly by Kristen Stewart. But guess what? I still loved the movie, for what it was. I thought it followed the book closely enough, although I still preferred the book.

What book turned movie do you absolutely love? Coming up blank? Here are a few suggestions showing popular book covers, so grab the popcorn and just click on each cover to watch the movie preview:


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