It’s Finally Here!

Our teen book selector has been busy and has just obtained Front and Center, the third and final book in the Dairy Queen series. Along with Jellicoe Road, we’ve got great new books in the teen department. Come check them out!

Front and Center starts off with “Wisconsin junior D.J. Schwenk back at school, having spent several weeks away helping big brother, Win, with his rehabilitation. She’s catching up with classes and best friend Amber (also newly returned). D.J.’s excited and nervous for basketball season, which might score her a much-desired college scholarship and a less-desired position literally calling the shots on court. Her ex, Brian, is neither out of sight nor off her mind. But reluctantly famous D.J., who generally craves anonymity, wants a boyfriend who acknowledges her in public. Enter energetic friend Beaner, an attention magnet interested in actual dating. When recruitment letters pour in, talented athlete D.J. feels the weight of obligations and expectations (yet again) from well-meaning family, friends, recruiters, coaches, and from herself. Will she be ruled by fear or will she step up and make the choices, whether between colleges or guys, that’ll make her happiest?” – School Library Journal 

In Jellicoe Road, Taylor Markham is not just the new girl at her boarding school, she’s also the heir to the Underground Community, one of three battling school groups in her small Australian town. For a generation, these three groups have fought “the territory wars,” a serious negotiation of land and property full of surprise attacks, diplomatic immunities, and physical violence. Only this year, it’s complicated: Taylor might just have a thing for Cadet leader Jonah, and Jonah might just be the key to unlocking the secret identity of Taylor’s mother, who abandoned her when she was 11. With a lot going on in front and behind the scenes the reader is rewarded with heartbreaking twists.


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