First Family: Under the Microscope




first family picture-3-480x233

Amazingly, micro sculptor, Willard Wigan does his sculpting under a microscope to create these miniature works of art. He said it took about 7-8 weeks to complete the first family but has found various challenges in completing a micro sculpture. Even cell phones can be a hazard. When one unexpectedly rang, he inhaled his Alice sculpture from his Alice in Wonderland creation. He had to start over but said he didn’t mind, as his second Alice turned out even better than the first. His work is so meticulous and fragile that he has had to literally learn to do his delicate work in-between heartbeats. Don’t even ask what he does when he gets the hiccups!

Below is an interview with this amazing artist:

Find many great books about Obama and his family at the Burlington Public Library

dreamsfrommyfather ObamaFromPromiseToPowerbarack-obama-audacity-of-hopemi 41lFr6QCWrL


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