Do It Like Nobody’s Watching…


We’re all about reading and having a good time at the Burlington Public Library. Our Summer Reading Program sign-ups will begin June 15th. With lots of great prizes, it’s a win-win for everyone. We also think it’s important to spend time outside. So, mark your calendars for, Go Skateboarding Day, June 21 and Summer Reading, June 15. Whether you’ve skated since you were 3 or you’ve never picked up a board before, give it a shot. The same can be said for reading. Find a good book and read like nobody’s watching!

For those of you whose parent’s just say NO on the skateboarding, have them read this article before giving you the final say-so. You might just be surprised. 

Look for upcoming events on our teen blog. We have a fantastic two-part program on skateboarding coming up this summer at the Burlington Public Library, so keep an eye open for dates and times. Remember, all programming is free and when you sign-up for summer reading at any Skagit County Library, you can use your teen reading log as a free pass on SKAT buses traveling between libraries. It’s a great way to get around the county and read great books and magazines.

Oh, also let your parents know that one of the library’s biggest sponsors this year is Adam McCoy, owner of Hidden Wave Boardshop in Burlington. He is a great resource and is very enthusiastic about encouraging kids to read because he believes that reading is that important!hiddenwave_logo